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Hello there, we are Maverick Warehouse.

We’re an agile team of idea generators, strategic thinkers and production problem solvers who
bring ideas to life through events, experiences, activations, live performance & team engagements.

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We offer a full service solution, producing & project managing from concept to implementation.


We always work to create stand out experiences ensuring that our clients strategy & investment is brought to life, memorable, impact filled, fun & creative not only at the event but long after too. Our values drive all we do… hands-on, relevant, collaborative, creating “talk-ability” & accessible to all.

With expertise, experience & contacts in stage, technical, design & television, our team are masters at bringing an idea to life. We will manage every element pre, during and post-production including staging,sets & exhibitions, creative, scripting, content, entertainment, logistics, rsvp, design, décor & styling & more.

No matter the size, place or challenge … we’ve got this. Invisible logistics, absolute organisation & planning and a team that has your back so all you do is ensure you enjoy the experience and the accolades.

Talking directly to your target market in a fun, accessible and integrated way is one of our favourite mediums of brand engagement.


We use all the creative elements at our disposal – song, dance, performance, sets, staging and authentic person-to-person connection to bring brands to life in the best possible and most strategic way for our clients. All this because we believe that big ideasthrough tangible, tactile engagement provoke, inspire and connect.

So whether it is a live activation, a lush forest in a movie theatre, a hospitality area within an artist installation, an edible billboard in the middle of a mall, accessible point-of-sale design or a singing, dancing troupe of grannies on giant audio trolleys in a taxi rank, we use our stage, design & producing skills to craft a brand experience that really speaks to people’s need for entertainment and heart connections.

True-to-brand casting & character development; impeccable teams & infectious delivery, we definitely have your brand’s best interest at heart whether it’s just for one engagement or a 6-month daily roadshow. No matter the place, the audience or outcome needed … we’ve got this.

Its your staff who at the end of the day represent your brand or inspire a supplier, customer or consumer to trust your company, its offerings and what you stand for.


Clever technology, big machinery or shiny products mean very little if your staff can’t communicate, engage, educate and inspire.

We have off-the-shelf communication training packages including call centre communication training, voice for business, conflict resolution through connected communication, presentation skills, work readiness, train-the-trainer and others. Or we can take a brief and craft a strategic communication training packagethat uses creativity as a key productivity driver and gets your teams to actively think, learn, engage, remember and apply to their service and delivery. From conception, development, design through to delivery … we have you covered.

We believe in giving teams communication tools to ensure effectiveness and efficacy. It’s the key to skills development, personal responsibility, service, collaboration & innovation within any team, organisation or system. Call us today and lets get talking.

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